Personalized DIY Ornaments

One of the best things about the holidays with a baby is creating new traditions as a family. I’m sharing our new tradition: making personalized ornaments for our Hannukah tree.

I teamed up again with Karen from @heymamas18 and did a fun video on two different ornaments we made with our babies for this holiday season. Watch the full video here:

Here are the instructions for the ornaments.

1. Photo Ornament

What you need:

⁃ plastic ornaments that open up

⁃ A photo

⁃ Scissors

⁃ Cotton balls

⁃ Glitter/ salt


⁃ Pour some glitter or salt into the ornament

⁃ measure how big the photo needs to be to fit inside the ornament

⁃ Cut out the photo to fit

⁃ Roll up the photo and put it inside the ornament

⁃ Use the scissors to adjust it inside to the right position

⁃ Put cotton balls inside the ornament behind the photo to keep it upright in the right position

⁃ That’s it! How simple was this? And now you have a personalized photo ornament.

2. Clay Handprint/Footprint Ornament

What you need:

⁃ Clay (store bought or home made)

⁃ Rolling pin

⁃ Cookie cutter or a bowl to get the shape of your ornament

⁃ Straw

⁃ Ribbon to hang the ornament

⁃ Paint

⁃ Paint brush

⁃ Glitter glue

⁃ Glitter

⁃ A baby 👶😜


⁃ Make a ball out of the clay

⁃ Roll it out and make it as flat as possible to still have enough room for a hand/footprint

⁃ Use a cookie cutter or a bowl to cut out the ornament shape (we used a heart and a circle)

⁃ Press your baby’s foot/hand into the clay

⁃ Use a straw to make a hole for the ribbon

⁃ Let it dry (usually 24 hours)

⁃ Once it is dry, paint it (we used red and blue paint)

⁃ Once the paint is dry, add the glitter glue into the footprint/handprint and sprinkle glitter on it. Once it’s set, shake it all off.

⁃ Let it dry

⁃ You can then write the year, or Christmas/Hannukah on the ornament

⁃ Pull the ribbon through the hole, tie it and you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed watching our video and if you end up making an ornament too, please share it! We’d love to see how yours turned out. Happy holidays!

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