Holiday Gift Guides for the Ladies, Guys and Babies

Pssssst! Are you still looking for the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones? No worries guys. I’m so excited to partner up again with Karen from “Hey Mamas” to share with you our gift guide for the season! This guide includes gifts for all the amazing ladies in your life, for your very hard-to-shop men and for the most important gift-receivers: babies and toddlers!

The holidays are approaching and many of us are either super excited or extremely dreadful when it comes to holiday shopping. Well guys, I’m gonna make it easy for you and give you some ideas on what you can buy for your loved ones.

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1. Let’s start with the Ladies’ Guide!

1. Crossbody phone wallet case: One of my favorite items I ever purchased is this leather phone crossbody case that holds my credit cards, ID and keys. I keep getting asked about this cool case, so it’s definitely a must on this gift guide. You won’t go wrong with it. Crossbody Case
A budget friendly alternative: Budget Friendly Case

2. Cozy slippers: Give the gift of warmth and comfort with these cute slippers. Who doesn’t like getting cozy at home and watching a movie marathon while wearing cozy slippers? Slippers

3. Leather watch: If you’re loooking for something really special and luxurious for a specific lady, these watches are perfect! The leather band is classic and the watch face in white is so beautiful. Use code OCMOM15 for a 15% discount. Watch

4. Marble insulated tumbler: For all your coffee and tea drinking friends, a high quality insulated tumbler is a must. And the marble design is just too pretty! Tumbler

5. Initial pendant Necklace: Remind someone of their personal worth with an initialed pendant necklace. The front salutes their sense of identity while the back is engraved with ‘one in a million’ offering an affirmation. Initial Necklace

6. Family matching PJs: This is probably one of my favorites. What’s better than bringing the whole family together in matching PJs? Matching PJs 
If you celebrate Hanukah, Kohls has super cute matching PJs: Hanukkah PJs

7. Massage gift certificate: If you know someone who has been working hard (so pretty much every woman you know), treat her with the gift of relaxation. Massage Envy Gift Card

8. Whipped body butter: Another great gift is an all natural body butter. 100 percent pure products are made from natural ingredients without any chemicals. 100percent

9. Jewelry display tray: Let her display her favorite jewelry with this cute tray. Jewelry Display Tray

10. Massager: Last but not least, probably the most popular gift is a massager. I have this one and let me tell you, I’m in heaven!!!! It’s almost as good as a real massage but in the comfort of your own home and at any time you want. I like sitting down with a cup of tea while watching Gray’s Anatomy and getting my massage every evening. Massager

Budget friendly Option

2. Guys’ Guide

Ok, first of all why are men so hard to shop for? It’s always a challenge finding a good gift for the guys. They either don’t know what they want or they don’t like what you get them.

  1. Coupon book – you can make it yourself and save some money. Which guy does not want a voucher for a massage, a home-made dinner, or a pass on a chore.
  2. Wireless headphoneswhether watching tv or listening to music, it’s always convenient to not deal with chords. Headphones
  3. Home Brew Kit For all the beer-fans, this is a must have! Such a fun gift. Kit
  4. Comfy pants For all your guys who just want to relax and watch TV all day, this is the perfect gift. Who doesn’t like a pair of cozy pants to chill in. Cozy Pants
  5. Sports Jersey/ team shirt If you are shopping for a sports fan, you can’t go wrong with their favorite player’s jersey or team shirt. Get them excited for the next game supporting their team. Jerseys
  6. Tequila tasting If you are looking for something different, how about a voucher to tequila tasting? Groupon has lots of options. Let him get his buddies together and have a fun trip tasting tequilas! Tequila Tasting in Temecula
  7. Leather watch If you like a classic and fancy gift, go for a nice leather watch. These watches are gorgeous and at a good price. Use code OCMOM15 for a 15% discount. Watch
  8. Hot sauce kit I got another kit for those crafty guys. If you have a lover of all things spicy, this is a great gift. Kit
  9. Ice cube maker If you need a simple yet fun gift, this is it. Get him an ice cube maker to make sure his drinks always impress the crowd. The Ice balls melt slower than ice cubes, so your drink will not become diluted with water. Ice cube maker
  10. Omaha steak subscription This is probably one of the favorites! What guy doesn’t want filet mignon for dinner? Here you go, a subscription of his favorite meats to your door step. Omaha Steaks

3. Baby/Toddler Guide

Let’s not forget the most important gift receivers. Here are some amazing gifts for the little ones.

1. Ball pit This is such a great gift to enhance motor and sensory development. Babies and toddlers have so much fun playing in the pit, tossing the balls and crawling through the tunnel. Ball pit

2. Musical instruments set – Work with your little one on musical skills. Research shows that music activities and experiences help children practice important skills including thinking, langauge, motor coordination and understanding emotions. Exposing kids to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Instruments

3. Wooden Door Puzzle – This puzzle is great for working on fine motor skills by opening doors and picking up the items; an added bonus is you can work on language by discussing the items behind each door. Wooden Puzzle

4. Play kitchen – This is such a popular item for kids. It’s excellent to develop pretend play skills which are very important for language development. Play kitchen

5. Shape sorter airplane – This is such a great toy for motor skill development and it’s excellent to introduce shapes, colors and numbers. Shape sorted

6. Playdoh oven set – Play-dough is always a hit with kids. With this set, you can also work on language and pretend play skills. Play dough oven

For babies, you can make edible play dough yourself. Here’s a Recipe.

7. Teach learning kit – I love this kit so much. It comes with 52 pieces to teach baby first words, numbers, sounds, touch and self awareness. The kit includes finger puppets, books, puzzles, blocks, mirrors, and it prompts fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and language. Teach Kit

8. Wooden Ring Stacker: Talk about a classic childhood toy! Babies and toddlers get to learn the colors of the rainbow and work on their fine motor skills by stacking the rings. Stacker

9. Books – Books are probably one of the best gifts for young ones. Besides being great for language development, books are amazing at building parent-child relationships. My top 3 books for little ones are “go away big green monster”, “brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” and “Have you ever tickled a tiger?”. Touch and feel book are so great for babies as they really keep their attention and get them engaged. I just discovered the Ditty Bird books which have both touch and feel parts and music!
Go Away Big Green Monster
Brown Bear – Brown Bear
Have You Ever Tickled A Tiger
Ditty Bird Book

10. Zoom n’ Crawl Monster – This is one of my baby’s favorite toys. There are 2 ways to play as baby grows: Sit & Play: Fill the monster’s mouth & see the balls spin! Crawl & Chase: Balls spill out as the monster zooms around—encouraging baby to crawl . It also has fun songs and phrases. Zoom and Crawl

Hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful! I know holiday shopping can be overwhelming, so hopefully this takes some stress away and gives you some ideas on what to buy. Let me know what items you liked most! Do you have any amazing gift ideas? Share below!

*GIVEAWAY* If you want to win one of the items on the Ladies’ gift guide, check my latest post on Instagram on how to enter our giveaway.

Make sure to subscribe to “Hey Mamas” to see all things motherhood and baby. Here’s a link to her channel Link.

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