Every Mom Needs A Mom Tribe – 6 Ways To Find Your Tribe

Becoming a mother has been the greatest gift. I never imagined life being so much better after having my baby. Yes, there have been some very difficult times, but overall motherhood has been a dream come true. Waking up and looking at my son, holding and kissing him, or listening to his giggles is something I cannot imagine living without.

But as you know, motherhood is not all sunshine and rainbows. Motherhood is hard in so many ways. Besides the obvious challenges of raising a baby (sleepless nights, exhaustion, hours of crying, and so on), motherhood can lead to feeling significantly isolated.
Even though I had my wonderful husband and great family nearby, I felt lonely. Especially in the first few months when its nearly impossible to leave the house, being bound by the baby’s schedule of frequent naps, feedings, and diaper changes, it’s difficult to be social. And in the evenings, you are so exhausted you cannot even think about being social.

Being home with a baby all day makes you realize how much social interaction you actually crave. I mean, who else misses talking to an actual adult? Many of my friends who did not have children couldn’t relate and did not understand what I was going though. But no mom should ever feel alone. That’s why all moms, especially ones with young babies or children, need a mom tribe. Its so vital to have a support group or individuals to talk to that can help guide you though this amazing motherhood journey. No mom should ever feel alone.

Now, how do you find a mom tribe? As an adult, it can already feel like making new friends is hard enough.  But now you want to make friends when a baby is added to the mix?!  Well, I’m gonna share some ideas on how you can find new mommy friends and help keep some of that sanity!

1. Join a mommy and me class – when I was pregnant I searched for mommy and me classes in hopes of meeting other moms. I was a first time mom and I felt like I could use some advice and help from fellow moms. I joined the Mohm Class in Mission Viejo. It was an incredible class that addressed a new topic each week, focusing not only on the child’s development, but also on marriage and the mother’s health.  This class provided me with the tools to manage the changes that my baby brought to my new world in these first few months. Now that my baby is 9 months old, I’m joining the sensory class with some of the same moms and babies in helping my baby explore his senses.
If you are in Orange County, check out Mohm: https://www.mymohm.com

2. Join a moms club. You need a support group that understands your special needs as a mother. The moms club plans a variety of activities for their mothers and children. There are play dates, moms’ night outs, holiday parties, and much more. This has been such an amazing experience for me. I met so many mamas and participated in different events. Getting out and talking to moms, sharing our experiences and letting the babies make new friends is amazing.
Find a chapter near you: https://momsclub.org

3. Join stroller strides – if you like to workout, this is perfect for you! Imagine if you could bring your baby to a workout with you for an entire hour? Well it’s possible with stroller strides. And don’t let the name fool you! It’s not a stride – it’s an intense full body workout that will kick your butt.
Find a class near you: https://fit4mom.com

4. Go to the library story time – this is completely free and most libraries offer it. The first time I went I had very low expectations. But it was one of the best classes I’ve attended with my little one.  My son had an amazing time and I met several mamas that I became friends with.

5. Join baby classes at a local gym. I started taking my son to Cal Elite when he was about 4 months old. We started with baby gymnastics and later added baby swim class. Both were free for the first 6 months so that was amazing. This was a great way to meet other mamas who had babies around the same age.
If you are in Orange County, check out:

6. Search for mom groups on Facebook – there are so many mamas looking to make new mom friends. Search for local mom groups on Facebook and you will be surprised how many you will find. If you don’t, then start one.
If you are in South OC, check this group out: Rancho Santa Margarita Mommy Meet Up.

Being a mom is the most rewarding, but challenging job out there. So to all my endless loving, hard working, poop wiping, exhausted mamas – find your mom tribe because you are not alone! Motherhood is so much better with your mom tribe ❤️

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